It’s a go

We have found Simba and Lucy's forever home. J & C are wonderful cat persons, and have already started gettting cat supplies (tower, heated pet bed, deep deep litterbox), researching CatMax Enclosures. Simba and Lucy haven't had any of the stress related behavior like they did when the first couple came for an interview. They liked J & C, and J & C had love at first sight.

I don't think we could have found better people unless we designed them.

I passed along the suggestion of them getting a blog to keep everyone informed about Simba and Lucy. They like that idea, and I have sent them the information.

Simba and Lucy will be here with us for about 2 weeks while their new forever home is set up.

This morning, Lucy was very curious about the lump moving under the blanket.

That lump was Simba! 😀

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