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An uneasy peace between Ziggy and Loki

Pet Pic Spam! Normally, Ziggy likes curling up under this blanket, but today, Loki decided it was a good place to sleep. Ziggy is not happy and glares at him. Seeing as that didn’t work, she decided to try LOOMING … Continue reading

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“Booked” my Vox Blog

As I had mentioned, SixApart is shutting down Vox with little warning. Just short of saying “We closing, go here or get lost”. FeedFabrik offered a solution for those who wanted to archive their blogs. And they worked tirelessly with … Continue reading

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Well, I was right

We went to the Perth Royal Show today, and I was right. Aikidomayland pretty much quick marched me through it seeing pretty much just what he wanted to see. (Yes, I admit I’m odd. All the other women were checking … Continue reading

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They are enjoying the change of venue

Brought the birds outside. They are abso-fragging-lutely bouncy from the fresh air and sunshine. Bertie, the cockatiel, is back to performing his full repertoire of whistles and singing. I wonder if the neighbors yapping beanie baby of a dog is … Continue reading

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From Twitter 09-26-2010

09:05:03: Three cheers for BAD MOVIE NIGHT! Tonight, “Sharktopus”! on @SyFy chnnel Tweets copied by

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From Twitter 09-24-2010

21:15:05: Teasing Ems son Declan. Most fun I’ve had in days. Tweets copied by

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There is something wrong about…

A talking head/news reader talking about an execution with a smile on her face. Just sayin’!

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