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Long day, but a good one. Cats were polite and let us sleep until 7am. I had put what archery gear we were going to use out last night. Got there around 9:30. I ended up helping to coach a … Continue reading

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The right teacher made all the difference

As I had blogged about before, Aikidomayland took a one day intense class with a ‘photography teacher’ that was an unmitigated disaster. I bullied him (yes, bullied) into not giving up and signing up with the photo instructor I had … Continue reading

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I know it’s nothing but sugar

But one piece Rock Candy is a childhood sweet that I have maybe once a year.

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EUREKA! And not the TV series on SyFy

After many diagnostic tests, removing software, updating chip set drivers, rolling them back, contacting Acer Support, contacting AMD support, a solution has been found! Turns out that the “GSOD” (grey screen of death) is a well known, well documented problem. … Continue reading

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Fledgling Singing Honeyeater

Kind of took my life in my hands, as the parents, even though I was using telephoto to get in close, kept strafing me. Taken in my front yard. Canon EOS 550DFocal Length 250mmEF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 ISISO 400EV +0.33Exp 1/160 sec … Continue reading

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Ok, NO one is that stupid

And making characters on TV shows that oblivious is not only stupid, but insulting. Regarding Merlin, Season 3: I mean, seriously, how can all those supposedly intelligent and alert people around Morgana keep missing the evil smiles and glaring from … Continue reading

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Red-capped Parrot

Spotted this lovely in my back yard, right above my clothesline. His mate was just out of sight, but I could hear her. Both of them were enjoying a late afternoon snack of sweet nectar from the Geraldton Wax blossoms. … Continue reading

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