Because he stayed out so late last night…

He was rather tired and muddle headed when he got back. He started his usual routine to get ready for bed.


Brush Teeth

But he was so tired, he wasn’t paying attention to what he used as a dentifrice. Palmolive antibacterial soap is good for hands… not so good for oral hygiene.

Yes, Wing loaded up his toothbrush with hand soap, and proceeded to wash his own mouth out with soap. Now I’m waiting for him to start blowing bubbles out of his ass.

Oh the pain of laughing…ow ow ow ow. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. ow ow ow ow. Sometimes it’s worth the pain.


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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