That was serendipitous

A few weeks ago, I noticed my external USB drive I use for making back up system image was getting low space warning. So I decided to get an external USB drive that was the same size as the entire hard drive, including the partitioned “Data” drive.

Now, for the past month or so I have been fighting with my desktop using a 2nd monitor connected with a “Windows 7 compatible/approved” USB/DVI. As many knows, I’ve had mixed results. If whatever I am running is Aero compatible, Video plays perfectly on the 2nd monitor. But if I used any program that isn’t Aero Compatible and Aero shuts off, video stops, but audio keeps playing. Turns out this also affects graphic editing programs if I try to run them on the 2nd monitor too.

BUT.. I installed Windows XP Virtual machine. I noticed that when Aero shut down, video did keep playing, albeit a bit choppily due to lack of assignable resources. This was an issue with WVM rather than the desktop. So, I installed Oracle Virtual Box, tweaked and adjusted memory allocation and system resources, and video runs great.

Then an old issue raised it’s ugly head: computer running warm (not hot) and suddenly shutting down. I got CPUID HW Monitor and took screen cap and sent it to (drum roll) Acer Support! Yes, I decided to delve into the madness that is Acer support yet again! I got a reply fairly quick.
Thank you for contacting Acer Online Support.
In regards to the CPUID screen you have forwarded to me, is that your Z5610 in idle, or was it running multiple programs at the time?

Generally, based on the data you have provided, I would suggest that your CPU is running ‘Warm’ i.e on the hotter side of normal but not yet in the ‘Overheating’ spectrum.

However, having a look at your repair history, I can see that we have repaired your machine previously on a number of occasions for similar issues and I believe it would be best to bring your unit in for diagnosis and or repair.

In this case, I would suggest that the unit’s motherboard should be tested for faults, thermal paste applied onto the CPU and the heat sink tested and replaced.

Please advise me if you would like me to arrange such a repair.

I kindly await your reply.

Is it time for me to just demand a total replacement and be done with it?

As for the serendipity… I now have an external drive to do a brand spanking new, fully up to date drivers and all, system image. Oh joy!

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