Riddle me this

And so far, it’s 50/50 yes or no.

My faulty computer is to be exchanged on Saturday. This is good. This particular model has been superseded, which is sort of good. I have a brand spanking new disc image that I want to restore to that new computer. There might be a few driver issues, but that is easily remedied.

Problem is I have been given exactly the same amount of Ayes as Nays as to whether I can restore MY Windows 7 to the new Windows 7 machine, as they aren’t ‘identical’ computers.

Well, I’m going to try. If all goes well, 3 hrs of waiting and everything will be set to rights. If not, two weeks of installing, rebooting, installing rebooting. Right now, I am copying over installed programs to external hd. Not to run them, but to have a list of what I have installed. Have Belarc Advisor to help me keep track of things too. Each one that is installed gets removed from the copy drive. Oh joy.

I asked Acer (Non)Help desk why they couldn’t have just done this at the outset, instead of 18 months of ‘fixing’. The answer was beyond lame.

Good Afternoon Sandra,

I can imagine it is not the greatest feeling in the world and I do empathise with your situation.

It is Acer Computers Australia’s policy to attempt to repair a computer until the machine is diagnosed as unrepairable by an Acer technician.

This is as we are usually able to fix the issue as we gain a better understanding of the faults and build up a case history of the individual scenario.

I do apologise for the time taken until the end result of a replacement, and I do wish you better luck in the future.

18 months of being on the fritz is ‘attempts to repair’? Wow, how so precious of them.


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