Solution to Hardwired/Hardlocked Matshita BR DVD arrived

Small USB 2 Lite-On external Blu-Ray drive arrived, and I loaded up one of my USA dvds (The Color of Magic specifically) and it played without a hitch, without having to switch regions.

THPPPT to Matshita for making the drives firmware in such a way that the only way a DVD will play is if the region matches with both the drive and the DVD, and then only allow the drive to be region switched 5 times. Especially with the claim that it’s to prevent piracy? Bullshit, it’s forcing people to buy only over priced Aussie DVDs (example: I purchased Color of Magic for $7.99 US, but was told it was $32 AUD in local store). If anything, I believe the region locking like that encourages people to pirate Region Free DVDs. Just sayin!

Oh yeah: RPC1 has no solution to this, and even more to the fact they have told anyone with a Matshita (which comes under many different brand names, but if you have a DVD drive that says MTL, SuperMulti, or model starts with UJ- it’s a Matshita) that with the exception of two earlier Matshita drives, there will be no RPC1 Firmwares made for said drives.


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