Zoom zoom! (more like hum hum)

Wing got my yule gift early for me. The electric bike that saved Alan’s life (had he been on regular bike he would have gone under the car that hit him, rather than get shoved and tumbled) has been replaced by a ‘new and improved’ version.

What’s really great about this version is it can be set true electric assist, motor only works if you’re pedaling. Yes, it does have an always on, but I wanted assistance with my left leg, not having the bike do it all for me. And I can change gears!

It was delivered yesterday. Gent asked me if I had a bike lock. Loved the look on his face when he saw the one I had. You would need a cutting torch to get through it quickly. True, you could use bolt cutters or a hacksaw, but by the time you got about 1/4 the way through it, someone would notice you were up to no good.

Went out this morning, bright and early so it wasn’t too hot and stuffy, and went for about a 10 minute ride. Up some shallow hills, zooming down some, then up some steeper grades (anyone who knows what my neighborhood is like knows what it’s like). It was great. A bit scary, as it’s the first time I have been on a full sized bike in a long time.

Hoping to do the same thing tomorrow, and then start extending it by a few minutes every time until I can go riding for an hour or more at a clip.
My new ride:


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