Canon G12 vs Canon G1X

Went to Camera Electronics to give the new G1X a ‘test drive’. I brought my G12 with me so I could take photos of the same things with each camera.

Identical camera settings: ISO 800 f6.3 1/40 of a second. I chose this because I had read that the G1X was better at the higher ISO settings so decided this would be the bench test. The results were interesting.

The G1X is a bit slower to focus than the G12. This is due to the larger sensor. You also lose 1x zoom, but this isn’t a big hardship, as the photo size is 14mp, whereas the G12 is 10. So, zoom in X4 and crop, and you end up with same sized image (just remember to open it in camera RAW so you get all the data) With the G1X, you can’t get your lens in as close as you can with the G12 when doing macro shots, but again, larger image allows for cropping. The G1X is a bit bigger and heavier, but again, that’s no hardship. I do like that the ISO settings can be changed via dial on the back of the camera rather than having to keep looking on the top, as you have to with the G12. Menus are a bit more intuitive, also.

Onto to the show:

G1X – ISO 800 f6.3 1/40 of a second, on board flash. Light evenly dispersed, photo nice and sharp

G12 – ISO 800 f6.3 1/40 of a second, on board flash – Over exposed and blown out in the foreground. This has been ongoing issue with the G12 to the point I bought a flash arm to hold my speedlite for better control

Next: noise.

G1X – ISO 800 f6.3 1/40 of a second, No Flash. Good photo quality, handles the high ISO without too much noise

G12 – ISO 800 f6.3 1/40 of a second, No Flash. Ok photo quality, but suffers from artifacts and noise at high ISO.

So, yes, the G1X takes a second longer to focus, and you lose 1x zoom. But because of the larger sensor, you don’t really lose the zoom. Would I recommend this camera to someone who already had the G12? Yes and no. (don’t you love ambivalence?)

The No: Probably not right away, I would suggest waiting until the price dropped. If you’re mostly shooting outside with sunlight around you, or in a well lit area, the G12 is just fine.

The Yes: But if you want a bigger sensor (meaning richer colors and larger images) more intuitive menu, and a camera that can handle higher ISOs (to me, anything above 200 is high) without blurring or making the image noisy, I suggest you get the G1X. But if you get it right away, be ready to pay.


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