Went shopping for some holiday clothes

Needed some shorts/capris pants, some shirts that didn’t look like they could be used to wipe engine oil off a crescent wrench, some waterproof shoes, and a new floppy hat.

Tried going to a store that caters to bigger than swizzle stick, but all they had was winter stuff in stock. So, off to K-mart. I wasn’t too enthused about having to get shorts at K-Mart because last time, i couldn’t even get my backside into the largest size they had available. So, in I went, and luckily they did have denim capris pants. So, I grabbed the largest size, and the next three sizes down. Off to the embarrassment of the fitting room (yeah, right).

Tried on the largest pair… so baggy I didn’t have to unbutton them to remove them. Tried the next size down… still a bit too big. Down another size.. almost but too loose around the waist. Next size down fit but the rise in the back was just a bit too low. I’m a firm believer in “Just say no to crack!”. So back up to the previous size. I got the pullover shirts loose floppy, as I will be wearing singlets under them.

Off for shoes! got a nice pair of dress shoes for the formal stuff at Hamilton Island. Got some waterproof sneakers/sandals. Also discovered my left foot is almost a full size larger than my right foot! heh.

Last but not least, a new floppy hat, as my old one has a piece of duct tape closing a split on the top. Got one dressy enough to use for other than traipsing around the beach.

Wing showed me his selections of clothing. He bought himself some board shorts! With a rather festive pattern on them! Well, tweak my nose and call me Pinocchio! Surprised the heck outta me!

So, we are all set for glad rags. Wing still needs to find some waterproof shoes in his size. Better hurry up…we only have 10 sleeps until Hamilton Island!


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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