That was disappointing

Wing signed us up for a photography workshop, “Beauty In Motion”. Although Wing did explain what he was after (taking photos using ambient and available light instead of using strobes or studio set up) and he was given the all clear.

We arrived in time (although the traffic did threaten to make us late.). Upon arrival, we were handing a sign in sheet. I read it, and it raised my eyebrow. Across the top of this ‘form’ was a statement that I, the photographer, retained full copyright of said photos… BUT I wasn’t allowed to do anything with them. Whohuhwha…? I read the entire thing, and noticed something. It wasn’t a legit release/binding form. When i questioned the contradiction, I was snottily told it would be ‘explained to you later’. Strike One

It was ‘explained’, by an extremely rude man who glared at me, while thrusting the form around the room, pretty much in an attempt to intimidate everyone (me in particular) into accepting it as THE LAW. it wasn’t, but with the exception of me, maybe Wing and a few others, the attendees were total or near beginners and didn’t know any better. I did know better, and don’t appreciate being lied to, or bullied. Strike Two

It turned out to be a full on studio shoot, with strobes and light boxes, not working with ambient and available light. Oh well, I figured the old Lemon/Lemonade , and make the best of the situation. I knew what I wanted as a pose from the dancer. I took the shot, got what I wanted, and the ‘teacher’ wanted to look at it. He did, and then did nothing but criticize it, how it wasn’t what HE would have done. Tough shit, guy, it was the shot *I* wanted. It went downhill from there.

He imparted so much erroneous information (case in point: all cameras if set to the same shutter speed, aperture setting, and ISO, would get the same photo. Hullo? Sensor capabilities, lens, etc etc?), and even Wing noticed. And then there was this guy, skulking around, sneaking photos of the participants of this workshop. I didn’t sign any release form agreeing to have my photo taken during this workshop, and even though I blatantly placed either my hand or camera between me and this photographer, he kept sneaking around the room. Strike 3.

I took my camera apart and packed it in my camera bag. The volunteer from FotoFreo came over to talk to us, wanting to know if the workshop was what we expected. I know I gave a look to Wing that just reeked “Is she f**king kidding?” but politely said no, it wasn’t. That all it was was a studio shoot, something we had already done. “Oh, as long as you’re satisfied.” “No, we aren’t. As we said, this isn’t what it was purported to be.” She insisted “As long as you’re happy” to the point I was looking for a wind up key. Forfeited the Game!

Wing wrote/typed up his opinion of this workshop and the people handling it.


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