Gee, can they do anything other than Copy/Paste from their scripts?

Adobe once again sending an email, chanting their policy that wasn’t made available prior to their stealing (yes, I call it stealing as I was told told that my credit card would NOT be charged, and it was, now they refuse to return the money with the same speed they stole it) My response:

Your policy of stealing my money, then not returning it for 10 to 15 days is wrong. You wrongfully charged my credit card, or your rep lied that it wasn’t going to be charged, then refuse to return my money in the manner you stole it. Immediately.

I have now convinced 14 other people to not bother upgrading their versions of CS5. I know I’m nothing to you, but I am something to others. Word of mouth goes a long way, and you should wonder who those 14 people are advising to not buy your ‘upgrade’ (which should have just been an update for CS5 as it fixed some of the bugs in that version).

And then they bemoan how their software is pirated? They steal money from customers, then don’t return it, and they complain about pirating? Really?


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