Yet another unwanted fashion acessory

I’ve been having problems with my hands. Started with my left hand, numbness/tingling in the thumb, index finger and middle finger accompanied with pain. I would notice it first thing in the morning, but it seemed if I gave my hand a brisk shaking, it would go away, so thought nothing of it. Then it started to happen during the day. So, I started babying that hand, and using my right hand more often for things.

My left hand did get better… then I started having the same problems with my right hand. Thumb, index and middle finger tingling, and pain. I used to have this issue when I was in the US.. Ye Olde Carpal Tunnel’s ugly head has risen up again.

Sporting a wrist splint on my right hand/wrist now. I could feel the relief almost instantly, as it keeps me from overflexing my wrist, thereby keeping pressure off the medial nerve. People with hypothyroidism are more prone to carpal tunnel, so not overly surprised it happened again.

Just annoyed that I have to wear it over sleeve of shirt because the straps have Velcro from beginning to end, so abrades on the skin where the splint doesn’t overlap. Butwith luck, should only need it for a few weeks and then after that only when I’m sleeping to prevent bending the wrist under the pillow.


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