Hopefully, it will be back in 4 weeks

A few months ago, I updated the firmware on my Canon 5DMkIII. Before the update, battery life was great. After the update, if I put a fully charged battery in the camera, and then put it in my gear back, when I went back to use it a week later, the battery was flat/dead. I found this odd, seeing as my 7D has been in the same gear bag for a month, with the batteries charged to full, and after a month, they were still at full strength.

I’ve charged the batteries, and left them out of the camera for a week, and they remain at full strength. Leave them in the camera, and they drain. Tried a brand new battery, same thing. I did find out there was a new firmware updated, so I flashed my camera’s firmware to the new version, in hopes the problem had been rectified. No joy. *sigh*

So, I took my preciousssss to Camera Electronic, to have it shipped to Canon repair. Hoping I get a 4 week turn around, instead of the 6 week.

While I was at Camera Electronic, I got a video camera to use while riding my bike. I got it for two reasons. One, to give friends a ‘tour’ of my bike rides, and to record any problems I might have. Twice in as many months, when I’ve been out riding, I’ve had problems with dogs not on their leashes, or just now under their owner’s control. I’ve been bitten, forced off a bike path, and the owners of said dogs just think it’s cute. Now, I know there are bike riders out there who are rude, but I follow biking rules, stay on designated cycle lanes, and still almost get pasted by cars. So, I will have a video camera either on my bike helmet, or on handlebars.


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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