Election Tampering up to date

So far, the GOP has been attempting to move heaven and earth to make sure their candidate sits in the oval office. They know that he can’t win by fair means, and are doing all they can to make sure he get there by foul means.

So far, the GOP has (in no particular order):

Changed/restricted or gotten rid of early voting in districts that would favor democratic ticket. (One Republican politician bragged that they changed the PA voter laws so Romney would win the state.)

Engaged in voter intimidation. (GOP and TeaNuts harassing voters at the polls, making all sorts of demands, and just interfering)

Putting up signs saying show photo ID, and in itty bitty almost unreadable text “Voluntary not mandatory”, but when people walk away not having the ID, not bothering to tell them, again, in areas that would favor Democratic candidates.

Voter suppression via illegal voter purges, or flat out lying to voters (example, telling voters in Wisconsin that if you’ve been convicted of a felony, you can’t vote. Yes, you can if you’ve served your sentence, you are free to vote)

Voter Fraud – Republican worker who works for company with strong ties back to Romney/Karl Rove was busted throwing away filled out voter registration cards. Another one was fraudulent voter registration forms submitted in Florida by a firm the Republican Party hired.

This is just some of the shenanigans the GOP is up to. Let’s be real, if the Democratic party did any of these, the GOP would be exploding.

But what gets me about all of this is the blind eye the republican supporters seem to have. If this shit was done TO GOP supporters they would be screaming blue bloody murder! That’s called “Hypocrisy”. Learn the word, all those who are ignoring what the GOP and it’s supporters are doing, because the word hypocrite is readily applied to you.


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