Insanity – Doing same thing over and over expecting different result.

The GOP has been running candidates that keep doing the same song and dance; coddle the wealthy, go after the middle class, the poor, senior citizens and women to make up for lost tax revenues. Their behavior is the definition of insanity. This time around, it was even worse with the blatant lies of the Romney campaign, the constant changing of stance on issues, sometimes within hours of pleging something. Telling women that getting impregnated by rape God’s will, or just another form of conception.

Voting for President Obama wasn’t voting to rely on the government. Taxes and government is what we deal with to have roads, running water, bridges, cities, education, military, electricity, fire and police departments, and a slew of other services. No one likes paying taxes, but if the tax burden is rightfully shared, it’s not so onerous.

Social Security, Medicare aren’t ‘entitlements’, as that connotates a hand out. No, they are earned benefits. Veteran’s benefits are earned, not entitlements. And we are a nation that takes care of those in need, as in the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. F.E.M.A. isn’t a hand out, or an entitlement, it’s something our tax dollars pay for, that will even aid those who speak out against ‘government entitlements’. A good education is something every child is entitled to get, paid for by our tax dollars, unless you’re aiming for a generation of undereducated slave workers.

It’s time for some people to realize that there is a bigger issue and world beyond what they can see out their window, and stop being so insular. Either that, or the next time you have a house fire, don’t call the fire department, as that’s a government funded by tax dollars aka ‘socialist’ organization. See how that works out for you.


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