To all those Tea-Billies in the throes of “Poutrage”…. read.

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Tidbits on the repercussions of secession
If you are one of the riled-up citizens of the few States wishing to secede from the Nation, there are a few things you should know about the act of secession before pursuing your wild and zany goals:

  1. If your State secedes from the United States… hope that your State can provide you with all the fundamentals for living because in a secession, your State cannot obtain goods or services out of its State boundaries – for example: food items (canned goods, dry goods, meats, grains, potatoes, fruit, etc.).
  2. Pull out the wave radios and CBs! Because if you’re thinking of seceding from the United States… hope that your State has direct access to rocket-propelled satellite systems, because without the assistance of the Federal Government (FTC), your State will no longer have access to satellite television, the Internet, basic phone and cable services, facsimile…

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