Having to go around my @$$hole to get to my elbow

That was something my grandmother used to say when you had to do something convoluted to get a small job done.

The makers of OnOne photoshop plugins have decided in their (dare I say) wisdom to stop supporting some of their PS plugins that works great. But how they stopped supporting it is the reason for the subject line.

Plugin worked great with CS5 Extended, but 32 and 64bit. First it was PhotoTune 3, then it was included in PhotoSuite 5x. When they decided to update to PhotoSuite 6x, it was no longer included. That was ok because if you had it installed from 5x it would still function. Then PhotoShop CS6 came out. OnOne chose to discontinue PhotoTune and PhotoTools for 64bit(big big mistake there), and replaced it with something that wasn’t anywhere near as good as the two tools they got rid of. Still worked/installed on the 32 bit.

Well, this just would not do, but all I have on my laptop of CS6E. What I had to do, was install CS5E 64bit on my computer, just to install PhotoTune and PhotoTools for CS5E 64 bit, then copy the files over to the OnOne plug in directory in CS6E 64 bit. Lo and behold OnOne tools working.

This will work for anyone, but just make sure you copy the 64bit to 64 bit. I’ve done it on 3 computers, all working. Wing can attest to that! (PhotoTune 3 is one plugin for photo editing portraits he relies on)


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