I think it’s just about done.

There were a few hiccups setting up Windows 8. I got some assistance from on a “get me the hell past that gawd awful tiled start screen” program actually worked. It was on the list, but I had a ways to get there. Got that set up. Having a tiled start screen works great if your computer is a touch screen machine, but is a right useless pain in the ass if you don’t.

Downloading Driver Updates: The downloads were fine, but what was annoying is there is an order in which certain ones have to be installed.

I have to say this: it does load faster than it did with Windows 7. Don’t get me wrong, Windows 7 is great. Have it on my big desktop and won’t be upgrading it under the auspices of “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!” I upgraded the laptop because the $15 upgrade price.

All programs I had running on Win7 run fine on Win8. I do get these little nags pop up when I use one my programs the first time, rather than one of the Win8 native programs. There is a big stink about Win8 not having DVD playing software, but if you see the majority of the notebooks that have Win8 pre-installed don’t have DVD/Blu Ray drives. There are some good freebies for playing DVDs (I like TheKMPlayer. Been using it ever since CinePlayer was no longer usable due to OS upgrade) and also, my laptop already had PowerDVD installed. What I find funny is I still get the nag screen about not having a player when I insert a DVD. I also have TotalMedia Player that I use as TV receiver (annoyance factor 5: the stations scanned while using Win7 no longer ‘configured’, have to go through the whole mess again).

Windows Media Center isn’t included, but for a short time will be free. After Jan 31st 2013, it will be a whopping $10. Still, making people pay for something that has been a freely available as a download is a bit of a cash grab.

Another thing: if you have a program that’s hanging, and you use Task Manager to end process, guess what? It actually ends it without having to reboot the system.

Customization: Now that was a bit trickier. I had gotten used to how to set permissions, and how to dive into the Win7 Registry and what to look for and change, but some of the architecture has been changed. It’s so similar but just enough different that it’s confusing. Luckily, someone has already done the hard yards and have posted on Windows8 forum.

Is it better than Win7? That depends on your definition. Personally, faster start up, easier shutting down of hanging programs are good, but Win 7 has it’s pluses over Win8. So, if Win 7 works for you, keep it. If you’re obsessed by the latest and maybe greatest, go for it, but be prepared for at least 2 full days of frustration.


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