Dear Mr Huckabee;

I don’t often address politicians directly, but in this instance, I felt it was necessary.

20 beautiful babies, and 6 dedicated teachers were slaughtered in an Elementary school. What was your reaction/comment? “We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we’ve systematically removed God from our schools.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, when you were asked “Well, what about shootings in churches? Prayer and God’s in those.” you immediately jumped tracks and blamed birth control.

Mr Huckabee, you are one of the lowest of the low. You are a religious hypocrite, and a media whore. You don’t give one hoot in hell about those innocent children and brave teachers, you just want to score some sort of face time on television, with those inane talking heads of Fox.

You should be ashamed of yourself, in the same amount I am sickened by you. You claim to be an upstanding Christian, but your words and actions show you’re anything but a Christian.

Again, you should be ashamed of yourself for your cruel, self-promoting self-serving statements, but you won’t be. You are filled with pride and self righteousness, which if I recall are supposed to be ‘sinful’. So, I say to you, Mr Huckabee, fuck off and die.


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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