Borrowed Tech

While searching for Wing ‘s glasses, I spotted my old Lumix DMCFZ50. I decided to give it a try to see if all was well with it.

Not surprisingly, the batter in the camera was dead, but one of the extra ones was fully charged. Popped it in, turned on the camera. Oh dear, it had been unpowered for so long that I had to reset time and date. Did that. Then I took it for a mini test drive. Still works and works well. Of course that EVF, after using a DLSR, is a bit fiddly, but doable. I miss the light weight of it, too. Takes great photos:

Valentine’s Day Bouquet. Colors are bright, and whites are true.

Ziggy, ever patient camera model/tester

I came across a wireless keyboard his previous job gave him, along with the laptop computer w/ its docking station. I decided to see if it was still functional. Opened up the battery compartment and spotted two old, starting to corrode batteries. Not good. So I removed them, and carefully cleaned the contact points inside the battery compartment.

Next step, finding the wireless hub for the mouse and keyboard. Found it, plugged it in. Then went in search of charged batteries. As it turns out, Energizer rechargeables are a bit too big for the battery compartment, so I grabbed a couple of my camera flash batteries. Fit in perfectly. By the time I did that, the drivers for the hub and keyboard had downloaded and installed.

Typing on the keyboard now, and it’s not too shabby. The action is smooth, and it feels as if I’m actually typing. They space bar is a bit clunky by comparison to my other one, but it does the job. Will be taking the batteries out and putting the keyboard away for a ‘just in case’ (and if you’ve ever seen Wing’s previous keyboard, you would know what I mean) a keyboard is needed.

I still haven’t found Wing ‘s glasses yet, but haven’t given up.

Back to the search!


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