The Shipping of Damaged Goods, part II

Although I sent photos of the damaged Blu Ray case, showed that the postal envelope wasn’t folded, bent, spindled, stepped on, and only asked for a small rebate to make up for my having to get a replacement case for it, the seller is still trying to foist it off to poor handling by the Post Office. She said she can’t give a refund for items not purchased at her eBay store, and hopes I’ll ‘understand’. My reply (with photo attachments. I took the paper label/insert out so the damaged parts could be clearly seen.)

No, I don’t understand. I’m asking for a rebate due to my receiving damaged goods. Your excuse of Australia Post damaging it doesn’t work as the item’s shrink wrap was intact. I’ve worked at DVD and computer stores, and have shrink wrapped items. The wrap wasn’t dimpled, warped, stretched which would have indicated the DVD sustained damage AFTER it had been packed. The shrink wrap was the only thing holding it place. There was NO fold, bend, smudge, dirt, footprints or other soft of damage on the postal envelope, AND seeing how far down the back of the case the damage was, had it been stepped on as you claim, the discs would have been damaged and they WEREN’T. But as you wish, you sent damaged goods, and refuse to even give a small rebate to compensate for me having to go out and get a new Blu Ray case.

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