Creative Cloud, oh HELL no!

Seeing as CS6 is barely one year old, and has some serious issues that Adobe hasn’t even tried fixing, I feel their “Creative Cloud” is their way of avoiding fixing those issues.

They’re offering it at $9.99 a month for Photoshop for the first year. So, ok, $120 for the first year.

Then $240 a year for the next 2 years as it goes up $19.99 would be $480.

NORMALLY, Photoshop isn’t upgraded every year. Look how long it took Adobe to go from CS3, to CS4 to CS5 then to CS6. Over 12 years. Tell me how paying $300 for CS3, $300 For CS4 upgrade, then $300 for CS5E upgrade, and then $300 for CS6E, $1200 total, over 12 years is more expensive than Creative Cloud, or that Creative Cloud is a cost effective product. with a straight face, I mean. Creative Cloud: $240 x 12. $4800 vs $1200. And that’s only if Adobe doesn’t increase the ‘subscription rates’.

Creative Suite Web premium = $1500 (approx.). Upgrade after 2 years = $375. Upgrade again 2 years later = $375

So, after 4 years = $2250 and after 6 years = S2625

CC suite = $50 per month (for now) : After 4 years (4x$600) $2400 (already more expensive), and after 6 years (5x$600) $3000 (even more expensive), and after 12 years (12×600) $7200. Again, tell me with a straight face how Creative Cloud is the better option for the customer.

And not that I condone software piracy, bets some hacker/cracker will figure out a way to circumvent the subscription aspect?


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