Because of Adobe’s idiocy of mandatory subscription only

I’ve been in contact with the makers of Nik software. All of the older versions of their plugins work with other than Adobe products, but only 2 of the new versions of them work with other than Adobe products.

With Adobe going to mandatory subscription if you want up to date, rather than a upgrade from one version to another, I (and others) have been looking into alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. One of the front runners is Corel PaintShop Pro X5. All of Nik plugins version 1 work with Corel. Only Define v2, and Color Efex Pro 3 (which has been superseded by v4 now) work with Corel.

Unless they are locked into a Microsoft style contract (your software can only work with OUR programs, and no one elses’) it would behoove Nik to make it compatible with more than just Adobe Photoshop/one photo editing program.


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