Guess I found one of the reasons that laptop was ‘retired’

After much looking around and trying to get my old Toshiba to access the internet (aka the iinet Dial up number was busy each time I tried) I decided to transfer the files I wanted to keep by using Zip Disks and parallel port Zip drive.

Booted up the Toshiba with the zip drive attached. Had no problem accessing the drive, formatting a disk, and copying the files over. Powered down the Toshiba, and brought out Acerbeast. Installed the zip drive drivers, rebooted. That’s when the ‘fun’ started. First, I kept getting “You must format the disk”. Dafuq, it was already formatted. Ok, bow to the inevitable and formatted the disk, only to get “Windows could not complete the format”. Grrrr. Ok fine. Shut down Acerbeast, set up Toshiba. Formatted a disc. Powered down.

Fire up Acerbeast again. Tried to access disc. Got Drive is inaccessible, followed by an I/O error message. *sigh* Go through troubleshooting steps. No newer driver available, so uninstalled the driver in case it got corrupted. Reinstalled it, and rebooted. Popped the formatted zip disk in: got “You must format disk” message, again. Tried to format the disc”. Repeat the I/O error after a reboot.

Fuq it. I tried. I tried to do it on the cheap. Albeit a slightly more time consuming method, but I tried. So, getting a USB powered Zip drive to copy the files over to my desktop. I found one on Amazon, not very expensive (less expensive that eBay or local) and using my US drop mail to have it sent to me.


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