Once more unto the breech…

First, my Canon 5DMkIII kept draining batteries within hours. Turned out to have a short in the battery terminals. I sent it in to have just that fixed.  When I got it back, the repair sheet said you also fixed a ‘light leak’, something I didn’t have an issue with. After I got the camera back, I, and one of the techs, at Camera Electronic noticed a ‘squiggle’ of dust in the view finder. I figured it was just one squiggle, and ignored it.

I shouldn’t have because more dust motes showed up to the point it was impeding my vision through the viewfinder.  I brought the camera into Camera Electronic, thinking the sensor or mirror needed to be cleaned, and it turns out that somehow dust is getting sucked up into the prism. It didn’t have this problem all the months prior to the battery terminal/light leak repair. And that includes trips to the Pinnacles,  Trigg Beach, and other sandy environs.

As this camera is barely past the 12 month warranty, and this wasn’t a problem prior to them dismantling the camera to do the ‘light leak fix’, I should not have to pay to have it fixed yet again. Or maybe just have it replaced as it seems to be a lemon.

Of course, when I explained this to the Canon Repair Rep, I was told “we’ll look into it, and review it”, which I take to be the politest “Kiss off, we’re going to soak you for some more money.”

If I wasn’t so heavily invested, I would jump ship to a different brand, because I seem to have the worst f**king luck when it comes to high end Canon gear. Two L series lenses needing repair, now the 5DMkIII needing a 2nd repair? 

I really don’t need this shit right now.


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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