I think we have to do something a bit more drastic

After hearing what’s been happening when Wing  goes to visit An, with Alan going along, the more we are thinking she’s got dementia and is irrational.

1: She says hot water system, newly installed because she said the other one wasn’t working, is also faulty. Wing turns on the water, waits until it gets warm, uses appropriate amount of cold water to prevent scalding. Water stays consistently warm. When he points this out to her, she said no, it’s faulty, and ‘proves it’ by shutting off the cold water, thereby having nothing by scalding hot water coming out. “See, the temperature changes”.  Neither Wing or Alan telling her that’s normal if you turn off the cold water matters one iota.

2: Claims medication for depression gave her diarrhea. Turns out she’s pouring fresh milk into smaller old milk container, topping it up, because the smaller container is easier to handle. Bets? Of course, now she is refusing to take anything for her depression, which is making her OCD/insomnia/memory problems accelerate.

3: Claims plumbing leaks. When you shut off water in the kitchen, the pressure forced two, count them, two drops of water left in the pipes to drip from bathroom tap.

4: On the advise of a ‘friend’ (we want to have words with this friend.. so rather harsh ones) she keeps saying she wants to Euthanize the cat. But thinks all this means is the cat will nap more often, cannot get her head around the fact that this means the cat will be dead.

5: Is now saying anything we do for her will give her a heart attack.

6: Thinks we’re ‘out to get her’.

We might end up having to put her in a constant care facility, one that will make her take her medication, make sure she eats, and prevents her from OCD cleaning a 2 story house from top to bottom for 12+ hours every day, for a couple of months. She can’t keep going on like this, and neither can Wing. We aren’t equipped to handle someone who is mentally ill due to depression. But we love her and want to get her as well as humanly possible.

Yeah, right, but all I care about it myself and want her turfed out and alone. (can’t tell you how much I cried privately when I heard that’s what she really thought of me)


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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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