Meeting with the Chung Wah

Might have a spot of hope on the Mother In Law, An.  We arranged a meeting with Chung Wah Association to arrange a carer for An.  We had a lot of arguments of the passive variety.  So far, there has been a weekly shopping trip, and transport to her next doctor’s appointment.   We’ve done a bit of an end run around her, as she is afraid of any expense, and have told CWA to bill us directly, and to not mention anything about the rates to An.

Have arranged for Mark, from Hire a Hubby, to make a small alteration to her cat enclosure, to make things a bit easier. I think the enclosure was supposed to be some sort of Zen garden, and a cat sanctuary, but it turned into a 20x20ft litter box. Well, going to block off a small section with some hinged panels, put some bricks over some of the sand and put a litter box in there for Yin to use. We will have to introduce An to the wonders of clumping cat litter.  Also, she isn’t going to see that bill either.

I know she wants some control in her life, but since she’s having trouble making decisions, and when she does make decisions, they’re downright dangerous, we need to step up and give her a hand up.


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