It was like the twilight zone

Visited Wing ‘s mom at the hospital.  It was surreal, bordering on bizarre. First she insisted we had been waiting for a long time. No, we had only gotten there. Then it got odd.

She insists the place is filthy. The place is spotless, and I mean spotless. But to her, because she hasn’t been the one making her skin raw scrubbing it, the place is filthy.  We gently told her, no it isn’t, but she was having none of that.  I pretended I had to use the public restroom, and went out to tell her care nurse, because they need to be informed about her worries/delusions.

We gave her the bag with her clothing in is and she did nothing but go tsk tsk and moan, saying how nothing was suitable. It’s her regular around the house clothing, pretty much what everyone there is wearing.  Then she was worried someone was going to steal them.

We also told her we are allowed to bring her dietary supplements from home, the ones she used to taking. That’s when she starts in on that she has to take what they give her only, and if she complains, they will drug her even more. Again, not true, but nothing we can do to dissuade her.

Next, I missed a phone call. Whoever was trying to call me, then called Wing. He took it out of her room.  She then gets this very cunning, yet paranoid look on her face, and tiptoes to the door in an effort to eavesdrop. I speak loud enough so not only An could hear me, but Wing could as well. So he walked further down the hall out of her earshot.

That’s when she started in on about how she was a prisoner being held captive against her will. Gently told no, she’s in a hospital because she is unwell, and when she becomes well, she can go home.

There is a spot of good news. Although she denies it, she looks much better rested than she did last time I saw her.  And the nurses there aren’t letting her get away with just hiding in her room and refusing to eat. Two of them gently, yet firmly, escort her to the dining room, put her meals in front of her, and she’s not allowed to leave until she’s finished.  So, not only is she sleeping, she is eating balanced, nutritional meals.


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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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