Translating her comments

Wing visited his mom last night, and we have translated what she meant about the hospital staff not treating her well.  The carers/nurses who don’t allow her to sit in her room refusing to eat, and walk her to the dining room to take her meals, and making sure she eats, gives her her medication and makes sure she takes it are the ones ‘not treating her well/not nice’. 

Again, even though she denies it, she is better rested. I wouldn’t be surprised if she put on a wee bit of weight after just a week there. Not so much from just eating regularly, but from not getting up in the early hours of the morning, and surgically cleaning the house from top to bottom every day, and stressing out about everything.

We also learned what she is calling the ‘house falling down around her ears’. All houses get what’s called ‘settling cracks’ in paint or plaster. Typically, you just get some filler, smooth some in, and repaint or re-plaster. Again, she isn’t having any of that. Yes, I know her inability to accept anything other than her negative world views are part and parcel of her depression.


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