Even though she denies it

An is getting better. She’s been in the hospital a week, and with regular nutritious meals, she has put on 1.2kgs. I told Wing she looked like she has put a bit of weight on. I was right. She now weighs 40.2 kgs, up from 39. Of course, she said she’s losing weight, but Depression Troll is a liar.

She has had some positive results with the anti-depressant she was put on. The dosage was increased slightly (she was told this would happen) and she’s not happy about it, but does take it, more out of irrational fear (she thinks “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was a documentary), rather than knowing it will make her better. Don’t care, the end result will be the same.

We brought her some slippers and some track pants that we picked up at the store. OCD kicked in, and she was working herself into quite a state. Trudi came in (bless her and her infinite patience and skill at nursing) is one of the nurses that isn’t ‘nice’, and told An to calm down over and over in a very soothing yet with firm voice, that she was working her self up over nothing. An might not have calmed down, but she stopped OCDing over it.

She is getting better, even if she refuses to or can’t see it.

Resized cat enclosure all set up with new litter tray and fresh litter. Yin was very happy to have company, and Alan brushed her out. She liked it.

An’s recovery is slow going, but it’s going. And she will get better.


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