Two steps forward, one step back

Wing ‘s mom has had a relapse. She’s refusing to eat all of her meals, now, and lost the weight she put on the first 7 days she was there.

Trudi says it’s not unusual and to be expected.

We think t’s because she’s resorting to emotional blackmail, as a way to be allowed/let out, as her ruse of sending us shopping for suitable clothing’ , and nothing being ‘suitable’, so she needed to be there, aka out of the hospital. She was told that this wasn’t going to happen, and the depression troll kicked in. She’s been doing the moaning, rocking, whining, cajoling, woe is me, I’m doomed, we don’t know anything, the doctors don’t know anything, etc etc.

Well, her reward for refusing to eat is she has to now take a dietary supplement 4 times a day. It’s about an inch worth, in a water cooler cup. She carried on and on for 15 minutes, about how terrible this was, moaning, moaning, saying no, I don’t need this, I don’t want this. Cue one of the NOT NICE NURSES. Told her yes she does and she was carefully watched to make sure she took it, and didn’t just pour it down the drain, or spit it out. 15 minutes of fighting about it, less than 5 seconds to take it. sigh

She was told by me, and Wing (and the hospital staff) that if she doesn’t eat her meals, she has to take the dietary supplements. Thing is, if she keeps this up for too much longer, the semi-hunger strike, they will force feed her, and we don’t want it coming to that.

Also, she prefers to have only Wing visiting her. Not going to gloss over the reasons why, but the short version is I’m not a ‘suitable’ wife for Wing, in her eyes. Of course, the other reason she doesn’t want me there is I’m more like Trudi. I will contradict her, and I will tell her to calm down that she’s winding herself up, the same way Trudi does.


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