It’s been at least 50 restarts

I’m beginning to think that even though the laptop came with Windows 7 64 installed, I kept having intermittent BSODs on start up. and other odd errors. It was sold with a $15 upgrade to Windows 8. I have a funny feeling the laptop was made for Windows 8, but the OS wasn’t available for installation.

The first attempt to upgrade to Windows 8 had problem after problem. The ‘straw’ was after setting up a custom theme, had to reboot, and got a solid black screen, and there was no way for me to boot in via safe mode, because some bright spark decided to set Windows 8 up that you had to start up in Safe Mode by choosing it while IN Windows 8 desktop. *boggle*

Restored the original Windows 7 system, as I was wise enough to make a full system image back up before the upgrade. After running the system for several more months, putting up with the intermittent BSODs at start up (all troubleshooting procedures were done, drivers updated, rolled back, etc etc) I decided to try to upgrade to Windows 8 again. But this time, I had all the drivers needed for W8, uninstalled utilities I knew would cause problems, but could be reinstalled.

Well, it’s been at least a month, have had at least 50 reboots and not one BSOD at start up or at any other time. So, again, I’m betting that even though windows 7 was installed on this computer, it was really built for Windows 8.


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