Mom-in-Law (and Yin) update

The doctor said there’s a slight yet noticeable improvement in An’s mental state. Small increases in her medications are showing signs of working. Yes, she still insists the medication is making her ‘dopey’, but she is told immediately that the meds she’s being given aren’t sedatives, and can’t cause drowsiness. Also, now when she makes up or lies about something, she is brought up short on it, told flat out that that’s not true, and to stop it. Her ‘playacting’ can be unintentionally funny. She was insisting her hands were too unsteady to sign her name. She had been holding them rock steady in front of her, and when Wing pointed that out, she darted a look around, unfolded her hands, put one slightly in front of the other and deliberately started shaking it up and down. Wing looked at it, laughed and called her out on it. Told to quit it, as she was doing it herself. She got a bit..huffy and told him it was time for him to leave.

She is still being ‘not treated nice’ by the hospital staff (translation, they make sure she eats her meals, takes the supplements and medications) and that won’t be stopped any time soon.

Wing was advised to not come every day, to break up that routine, to make An go out and do something rather than hiding in her room.

Yin is her cat. Between 16 and 17 yrs old by my calculation. That poor moggie was in deplorable shape. Matted fur, underfed, in very poor condition. Much of it was because with An being ill and not eating properly, she was doing the same thing to the cat. She was give just extra lean hamburger, and canned tuna in water. No fats, no taurines, nothing.

After 3 weeks of proper care and feeding, the matted fur has been all but totally brushed off, she’s put on some weight so isn’t so bony, walking stronger and less wobbly. I also saw her jogging from one room to another. She does have obvious arthritis in the ‘wrist’ of her left leg, but seeing how senior of a cat she is, it’s not surprising. But now, with the proper fats in her diet, she is moving much better, quicker and steadier on her feet. Her coat is getting softer and fuller, not so brittle feeling.

When An is out of the hospital, she will be given strict feeding instructions for Yin. She might be a 17 yr old cat, but she is active, alert, all bodily functions working, and toileting properly. There’s not reason that she can’t have another 4 good years with the proper care.


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