Uhh, more TeaBorg mental re-writing of Constitutional Law.. regardless of facts

Senator Ted Cruz has made the most outlandish statement. He’s saying he’s renouncing his Canadian citizenship, and that although he was born in Calgary, he’s a natural born (ie by birth) US citizen, because his mother is American.

That’s not how it works.

He can renounce his Canadian citizenship all he wants, but unless he was born on US territory in Canada (ie Embassy, military base etc) which he wasn’t, he’s not a US citizen by birth, but naturalized, as he was born in Calgary and MOVED to the US.

I know all the Teaborgs will deny this, but Ted Cruz is a Canadian by birth, and a Naturalized US citizen. Sad thing, is that this lie will be repeated over and over and over, just like when Cheney did it, that stupid people will start to believe that lie, and defend it unto death.

On an aside, he’s one of the TeaBorg birthers that insists that President Barack Obama, born in Hawaii of an American Mother is somehow a Kenyan.

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