Teaborg Prom Queen Ann Coulter is either a liar, or thinks everyone as stupid at Sen Rafael Cruz

Senator Rafael Cruz’ father (and others) keep making references about sending President Obama “back to Kenya”.  Considering how all the TeaHadists have insisted President O wasn’t born in Hawaii (as records clearly prove he was) that he was born in Kenya, Ann Coulter is trying to pass off this bigoted birther bullshit as “a joke” that just “kills em” at TeaFuq rallies and parties. The people aren’t laughing, they are cheering and agreeing.

Now, I know this four letter word for woman ending in UNT and I don’t mean aunt, is a talking head for FAUX, Rush Limbaugh, and whatever food group of idiots she has currently glommed onto, but no one, and I mean no one, who has more than two braincells thinks the ‘back to Kenya’ is a joke. And if she is so addle pated that she thinks it’s a joke, please, stop giving that shrew airtime and have her fitted for long sleeved canvas jacket with buckles in the back.


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