Proof that those who can’t do, review

Found this little tidbit about the Matt Smith’s exit and Peter Capaldi’s entrance as Doctor Who: also reviewed the show, saying Smith had to go.

” … the storylines had grown stale and, due to the poor writing quality, Eleven’s relationship with Clara never quite blossomed like the one he had with Amy,” the site said.

Anyone with an IQ above shoehorn knew that in the Whovian universe, 11th Doctor, aka Matt Smith’s character, was ripped apart by the loss of Amy and Rory. We didn’t see River, but we know what her fate was. After all of this, in keeping with how much the loss of all three of these people tore into him, The Doctor wouldn’t have allowed anyone get as close.

As for the complaints that Peter Capaldi is ‘too old’.. are you kidding me? Go check the ages of John Pertwee, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, and John Hurt. Then rethink that comment.

And for the record, I liked “The Time of the Doctor”. If the story line was too complicated for you, that’s your problem. I didn’t have any problem. Were there plot holes? Sure, but every show on TV has some. Did Matt’s departure make me sad? Yes, but no where near how David Tenant’s exit did.. but then there was that glorious GERINOMO from Matt to make up for it.

So, if you want to rip it apart, do it on your own time and dime, because I will just yawn, and scroll on by.


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