What’s Black, Flat, and dies after 372 days?

Answer: A 3tb Seagate Expansion Hard Drive.

I am so glad I didn’t wait like Wing wanted me to do, and got the new external drive, and then copied all the data over the past few days, because the drive failed. I mean cakked it. This is the 3rd Seagate drive I’ve had do this, so this time, I’m not just shrugging it off. This is what I wrote to them (no, not going to hold my breath, but it needed to be done):

Dear Sir/Madam;

375 days ago, I purchased a 3tb Seagate External Drive. 7 days ago, the drive started having write errors, and making intermittent clicking sound. I ran diagnostics on it, and was shocked to see the amount of errors and overall health of the drive. Not taking any chances, I went out and got another large capacity external hard drive, but not a Seagate, and spent two days moving all my files over to the new drive. It’s a damned good thing I did, because this 1 yr, and 10 old drive failed. I would have lost years of my photography and graphic work that I have built over the years. This is the 3rd Seagate that has failed after a short usage time. And what I mean by short is just barely over a year. No, not abusing the drives, not dropping them, I have battery backup surge protectors. I have 4 Western Digital external hds that are 4 years old, and Hard Drive Sentinel reports they are in perfect shape. I have two Samsung External hds that area also report back as Perfect Health.

As I bought it days over a year ago, probably won’t be able to find the original sales docket. But I emails I traded back and forth with Seagate about not being able to use the drive for backing up my windows 7 machine, which led me to get another portable external HD to make a system image.

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