This might be petty

A few years ago, a whackadoo “Cleric” has said there are 40 words that non-Muslims aren’t allowed to say, or write/type out. Oh really?

Here are the 40 words: Solat, Surau, Masjic, Allah, Firman Allah, Ulama, Hadith, Ibadah, Kaabah, Qadhi’, Illahi, Wahyu, Mubaligh, Syariah, Qiblat, Haji, Mufti, Rasul, Iman, Dakwah, Wali, Fatwa, Imam, Nabi, Sheikh, Khutbah, Tabligh, Akhirat, Azan, Al Quran, As Sunnah, Auliya’, Karamah, Syahadah, Baitullah, Musolla, Zakat Fitrah, Hajjah, Taqwa and Soleh.

So, now what?

This “no saying” zone is about as ridiculous as the more recent moron cleric that said female infants need to wear a hijab for their own protection to prevent men from lusting after them.


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