Why I Walk Out Of Movies…

Proof that those who can’t do, write bitter scathing reviews.

My comment to him, waiting moderation (and I won’t hold my breath) is as follows:

Wow.. bias much, bucko? “Butch looking?” She didn’t look butch, but she didn’t look like some wipsy frail thing. Did you ever see the original ANDROMEDA STRAIN, other than the name and movie stills? Ruth wasn’t butch. She wasn’t a pin up girl, but she wasn’t butch.

“Libtard”. Exactly what did she say that was “Libtard”? Other than non-biblical scientific terms, and maybe a few slang terms that have made it into the lexicon in lieu of more commonly used swear words? (And a quick FYI, you can’t say “f**king” on SyFy Channel. ) She was used for background information and commentary about the size of the facility. So, what did she say that was so “Libtard”?

And your name calling “Butch looking”, “Libtard”…. let me guess, You voted for Mitt Romney, didn’t you?

And thank you for once again, proving my adage that those who can’t do, review.


When my prior experience with a director annoyed me…
Or my friends or reviewers I respect say something will annoy…
I am leery of wasting my time with it. The world is full of stuff and I need filters to help me sift through it.
Here’s the first fifteen minutes of “Helix”, the new series starting on SyFy. I applaud SyFy for actually putting on actual, well-funded science fiction. So I watched…

When you can say key dramatic dialogue before the characters, this is bad. I said “progress” and “his brother” in the first seven minutes.

The first scene with is a direct lift of “Don’t Fear The Reaper” from that version of “The Stand” with Rob Lowe.

Then the stereotypical butchy-lookin’-woman-saying-libtard stuff who was maybe lifted from the original movie of “Andromeda Strain”? At minute nine, the woman said “frack”.

Then I read: Ronald Moore, producer.

I hate Ronald…

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