I find this interesting. 

Many TeaPublicans (TeaParty/Republicans) like to heap tons of disrespect upon the office of the President, and the current holder of that office, even though he was duly elected… twice. He wasn’t appointed in a shady Supreme Court decision.

I didn’t like Mr G.W. Bush. He wasn’t elected to the office in 2000. The Supreme Court gave him the office. And we know what that lead to. But I respected the office. When he was elected 2004, I still didn’t like him, as he was inept, and totally unfit for holding the office, but I still respected the Office of the President, and when I spoke about him, I used his name, when I posted photos, they weren’t defaced or covered with foul language.

This is where the TeaPublicans lose their high moral ground. When they use terms like “The Kenyan” or “Obummer”, or “Barry” (or even worse extremely bigoted terms) they are disrespecting the Presidential office. They they openly scream “YOU LIE!” during a presidential address (if anyone should have been censured, it should have been Joe Wilson.). During last night SOTU address, you had rabid TeaParty members calling Mr President vile terms. They also kept calling him a ‘tyrant’ and a ‘dictator’. Sorry, guys, massive fail. If President Obama was the tyrannical dictator you claim, you would have been dragged out of there and shot. Another made a rude noise and gesture, and stormed out (personally, good riddance to bad rubbish).

And then today: revisionist TeaBorgs, called that because they sit around parroting RWNJ talking points as if they all shared a hive mind, nursing imaginary grievances, loathing the fact that a rich white man is NOT in the Oval Office. Flogging the birther screed, and screeching IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH although the president has done nothing impeachable. But that little fact doesn’t stop them from shouting IMPEACH to the rafters.

So now, after 5 solid years of GOP obstructionism, President Obama had laid it down, that he will use his Constitutionally Legal Executive powers to cut through the bullshit. Of course he didn’t use the word bullshit, I did. And now, once again, screams of TYRANT, DICTATOR, UNCONSTITUTIONAL (totally disregarding that President Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer) that such RWNJ luminaries as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc etc, keep throwing out there. And if you call them their parroting FAUX News talking points, they get all up in arms, call you a “libtard” or othersuch insult, and they double down if you give them leads to factual data that debunk FAUX and cohorts comments.

Is President Obama perfect? Oh hell no. There’s a lot he should have done, that he didn’t, some that he shouldn’t have done, but did. Caving in to TeaPublican ‘negotiating’ (Do it our way or we will wreck the country is Teapublican negotiations), and not backing his own plans because he hoped for bipartisanship.


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