A bit of plant care and bird watering

In this heat, what is left in the bird baths evaporate almost overnight. Scrubbed them all out and refilled with with fresh cool water. I could hear the birds in the Jacaranda, gum, bottlebrush and Geraldton Wax trees where it had just been silent a few seconds prior to the fill up.

Went into back yard, give the poor little orange tree a good ‘soaker’ watering while hanging up the laundry. Then did the same for the potted lime, chilli and catnip plants. Also gave the star jasmine a goodly drink. Really need to get that one into a larger pot.

Got the clippers out, climbed the steps, and trimmed back some ‘tendrils’ of the boxwood tree. Now the branches are even with the top of the pergola.

With all that done, I decided it was time to re-start doing my laps in the back yard. Got audio book player, and just got into it. Not too long, as it is rather hot out there. Wing said it’s 20 meters from pergola post to pergola post. So 40 meters per lap. Will get up to a kilometer, and then start increasing speed without limping, keeping my steps even. As Wing knows, I can move fast but only if I allow myself to have a limp, and GP/Doc has told me to avoid doing that.

Time for some icewater, then go check to see if laundry is dry. In this heat, probably dry by the time I finish typing this out!


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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