We did the “Time Warp” again!

It’s astounding.. time is fleeting. Madness .. takes its toll. (Please have exact change ready)

I had wondered how they were going to do the opening of the stage production, seeing how the movie starts. They had an old style movie “usherette” with an icecream/cigarette tray sing the opening number.

As much as I love the Tim Curry version of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, I have to say that Craig MacLachlan was fantastic as “Frank-n-Furter”. Not only was he a great singer, but he played the part for all it was worth, and did it with a style all his own. I would say in many instances, due to it being a stage production, was able to add more to it, with ad libs, hamming up certain scenes (his ‘appreciation’ of Rocky’s… umm ‘attributes’… then Brad’s. Then there was the miming of their attributes) He wore the “Sweet Transvestite” costume with panache and looked damned good doing it, too!

Christie Whelan Browne was perfect as “Janet”. Her ‘bedroom scene’ with FrankNFurter was roll in the aisle hilarious. Especially with Craig hamming up that “Janet” was ummm ‘shedding’ after he came out from under the blanket.

Tim “Brad” Maddren.. excellent voice and also played the part to perfection. I think my favorite scene was the “Bedroom” scene when “Brad” realizes that isn’t Janet in the bed with him. Somehow, he got struck with a case of the ‘giggle jiggles’, and it was turning into a “mirth quake”, and Craig made sure Tim lost it. Craig breaking script and giving him a liplock busted up the audience.

“Rocky”.. Hey, I’m married, not buried, and he was luscious stack, who sang and performed beautifully. Looked pretty damned good in a corset/fishnet stockings and garters, too!

Columbia, Riff Raff, Magenta/Usherette, Eddie/Doctor Scott, Narrator (Ashlea Pike, Kristian Lavercombe, Erika Haynatz, Nickolas Christo, Tony Farrell).. amazing actors and singers.

My only complaint, and it’s not at the show or actors. It was the audience. What is it about Perth that makes people think when they buy a ticket to a concert, or an audience participation stage play such as this one, that they behave as if their asses are married to that seat? Half the fun of RHPS live is audience participation.

“There’s a Light”… there might have been 20 people out of the entire audience that I could see, waving glow sticks, and about that many doing the “Time Warp” reprise at the end. Even with the actors/players encouraging people to get up, again, their asses married to their seats.

Not so, I! I got up and had a great time. And I would do it again!


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