Oy, won’t they ever go away or just shut up

Creationists just can’t get it through their heads. Their “book’ is a compilation of stories and fables. You wouldn’t give equal time (inferring equal credence) to Flat Earthers during a NASA program, so giving the loonie group from “Answers in Genesis” equal time on a science show is not going to happen.

Creationism – religion
Cosmos – Science

Creationist can whine like toddlers all they want, but it won’t change the fact that the bible is not science or even factual data, and has no place in the 2014 COSMOS series any more than it did in 1980 Carl Sagan version.


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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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