Almost makes me want to set up time lapse photography

The past few weeks, Sam (the gardener) has been doing a great job taming the wild growth. The past two weeks he’s been working in the back yard, on the right side of the house. He did a great job (see below)

Problem is this: because the last person we hired to clear the yard didn’t take the debris away, or even bag it for us to dispose of, but left it hidden in piles under trees or shrubs, which allowed the seeds to fall off and it just started the whole thing all over again. So, although Sam has thoroughly weeded, every morning I go outside, and I see grass sprouts at least 2 inches tall. I get the rake out, dig them up and expose their roots, and they do dry out. Later on the same day, I go outside, and I’ll be damned if there isn’t more of them, same height.

Looking into either burying the area in mulch, or find a pet safe weed killer. The only one I found the weeds need to be in the sun. Not happening back there. The fence casts shadows right to the bricks.


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