Next time you try to f*** me, at least kiss me first.

aka My Review of “My Computer Mate” computer repair service.

I’m not a spiteful person, but when someone claims to provide a service, then does a piss poor job of it, and has the gall to say if you want it done right way, pay up again.

The Monitor on my Acer All in one Z5761 was intermittently failing. Called around and did some research, and was told that the ‘inverter board’ was failing and needed to be replaced. Off I went in search of part, and located it, bought it.

Then shopped around for a repair tech. Called a few of them before Wing found My Computer Mate, and suggested to call.

I did, and spoke at length with David, who appears to be the sole proprietor of the place. He said he was well versed in All in Ones, and swapping out the inverter board would take about an hour. He sounded so knowledgeable, a time was arranged for him to come and swap out the part.

I set up a work area, and when he arrived, I asked him repeatedly if there was anything he needed (you know, keyboard, mouse, speakers, or other computer items). He kept assuring me that no,nothing needed, and he proceeded to dismantle the computer. After an hour, he couldn’t locate where the inverter board should go. So, he took a few more things apart, still no joy.

What set my spidey sense a-tingling was when I saw him looking at an online parts list for my computer right there and then. I thought he knew about them, and what went into them. Turns out, there is no inverter board for my computer. That the seller of the part had juxtaposed two digits in the model number. If David was so well versed in All in Ones, why didn’t he know this ahead of time? Or why didn’t he at least look this up prior to the attempt to fix mine?

I admit, he worked for three hours and only charged me for two. That isn’t the issue.

The issue is this: he put my computer back together incorrectly. The monitor no longer had touch screen abilities (which it did even if the monitor was off), the webcam is now angled up and has a great view of the ac vent, and the audio for my blu-ray drive wasn’t working.

When I informed him of these things, he told me he asked if I was satisfied with his reassembling of my computer and that I said I was satisfied.

I called the ACCC and gave them the whole story. According to them, someone who provides a service must do so with due care and skill. Seeing as I went from having an intermittently working screen, to having it, the webcam and the audio from the bluray not working, he didn’t not do so with “due care and skill”.

So yes, he said he will give me a full refund, but will NOT fix his f***ups unless I am willing to pay him more.

Sorry, but I never give a dog a 2nd chance to bite.


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