Say what? You’re joking.. right?

After I sent and email, text messages, and then a contact request via their own website, the repair guy, finally called me back.

I told him that no only wasn’t the touch screen working, that the monitor doesn’t even flick on then go off, but as I posted yesterday, the webcam is pointing at the ceiling now.

His response was (and this is almost verbatim) “I was there for 3 hours and only charged you for two. And you said you were satisfied with the results.”

“How could I be satisfied when I didn’t have the computer set up and tested. Yes, you worked for three hours, charged me for only two, but you made my computer problem worse.”

His reply “Well, I could come out there and fix it, but I would have to charge you for that time, too.”

Ok, I admit, I got pissed off… but I didn’t swear.

“You didn’t fix my computer, you made more problems (the touch screen not working, the webcam not seated), and you want me to pay for you to come back and fix YOUR mistakes? ” (he started muttering something about having customers, and this is where I my temper got the better of me) I’m sure in you’re in a big hurry to screw other people over.” and I hung up.

Then I called the ACCC and got some information to file a formal letter of complaint to him about charging me for services that were not performed with due care and skill.

It seems that my sending him email about the touch screen not working and the webcam not working right the very next day was one of the best things I could do. It started a ‘paper trail’.

Will wait for Wing to get home to get the legalese terms correct.


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