New External HDMI monitor arrived

And it turns out that the idiot from “My Computer Mate” did something to that prevents Blu-Ray discs from playing. (and before anyone trying to be ‘helpful’, don’t. Been there, done it, over and over, no joy). The drives read the discs, info all there, but when I hit play, nothing. I can play DVDs without a problem, but not blu-ray discs. All I can think of is I need to hook it up via the DVI-I rather than HDMI, and that would entail cracking open the back of the computer again.

Easier solution for me is to rip videos from the blu-ray discs and play them.

Having the larger monitor.. well, my eyes are already thanking me for it.

So, what I will do is just use this computer until it caks it, and then do hat Alan did. have one built to order instead. Give said person a full system back up, and even though it will have fits for a while for not having the correct drivers, that is easily remedied. Just let it auto update them all.


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