I just read the most repugnant Repub comment about minimum wage

I was going to link to the page, but I’m not going to give this asshole any net traffic. Minimum wage, had it kept pace with inflation, would and should be about $15 an hour if not more.

Here’s my thought.
A US Army Sergeant, with 4 years military service makes $30,661.20 in annual salary.
That’s $14.74 an hour if they ONLY worked as much as a standard 40 hour employee.

My opinion: Shut your damned mouth and fix my friggin milkshake!

1: Being in the military, if you are given a clothing allowance, have all health care covered, even have housing. If you live on base, you can even go to a messhall for your meals. And if you live off base, you get a housing allowance.

Actually, after 1 there is no other reason. If any Fast Food Worker didn’t have to pay for food, clothing shelter, and medical expenses or need, $30k a year would be fine.


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