Gottla Love iPhiles.. with ketchup

You know something, Apple.. you suck. And not the kind of suck that leaves anyone smiling.

Apple sells cross platform Quicktime Pro, an APPLE product, that works on a PC. There is an issue with with it running, and even though this error happens on both PCs and Macs, the fob PC customers off with the “We only offer help if it’s on a Mac.”

I went to MicroSoft Answertech, where it seems they’re quite familiar with Apple’s bull$hit. Problem fixed. I posted the solution for those not comfortable with going into the registry and change permissions and do some editing, on the Apple support forum, and enter APPLE FANBOI TO THE RESCUE!

Of course, iPhile immediately said it must me MY incompetence (to those who know me, this is a laughable comment) so I posted this in response then unfollowed the post:

Actually, I am an old hand at delving into the registry and tweaking it, have been for 15+ years. But my “trashing”… when I get told by Apple support themselves they know about this problem, and even know how fix it, but since I don’t have a Mac they won’t…. they deserve a bit of a textual spanking.

Also, did you miss the part that this also happens to Mac users? Either way, not going to argue. Apple sells a product, then doesn’t support it. End of Story. Tweak does it automatically, for those (unlike me) who don’t know how to or are reluctant to make registry edits.

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